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Ranked in the Top 20 of Overall Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2020 by Emerging Trends, Indianapolis continues to be a productive investment opportunity. Local businesses report new residents as younger people choose Indianapolis to build a family. The increasingly professional economy is attracting new business as well, offering more jobs for local residents and lowering the state’s overall unemployment rate.

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According the the Manhattan Institute, the greater Indianapolis area performs above the U.S. average on metrics including population growth, job growth, GDP per capita, and college-degree attainment. Indexes that measure economic growth, combined with other amenities such as civic assets and overall urban appeal, also rank Indianapolis highly. Specifically in the real estate environment, lower housing costs offer great opportunities for investors to buy houses in many downtown and surrounding renovating neighborhoods. In addition, lower property costs allow Invest Sequoia to pursue alternative investments at a lower cost than in other urban areas across the country.

Ready to Invest in Indianapolis Real Estate?

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