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Income potential and positive impact...together.

Alternative investments and portfolio diversity put capital to work and sometimes generate returns not found in traditional mutual fund investing. Whether you're hoping to grow a nest egg, pay for education, or fund retirement, astute investing means your money is working for you. But could it be more? What if your investments could provide income potential for you and create positive community impact simultaneously? What if a profitable investment opportunity could also address a serious housing crisis facing millions of Americans?

Today in America, there is a "forgotten demographic" - working men and women who earn too much for government-subsidized housing, but not enough to realize the security and wealth-generating potential of home ownership. This crisis - a lack of attainable housing solutions for millions of households - perpetuates generations of financial instability.

Is there a solution?

At Invest Sequoia, we're addressing the crisis of attainable housing head-on, and we're generating productive investments for our clients at the same time. Our interests are aligned in a substantial win-win. The greater the return on investment for our clients, the more we earn, and the more lives we impact through real housing solutions. Our diversified portfolio of real estate ventures brings real returns to investors, and brings real impact to real families.


We "flip" houses - often in a state of severe disrepair - and turn them into small family homes at a price point many working households can afford. Using investor dollars, we do more than turn a profit; we turn whole neighborhoods around and offer the promise of homeownership to working families.

One of our remodeled homes in a suburb of Indianapolis.


Volumod factory - manufacturing homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction.



By investing in Volumod - a brand new factory on the east side of Indianapolis - our investors are making their money work by providing housing solutions for households throughout Indiana. The new venture builds efficient, innovative, sustainable and attainable homes that offer the prospect of home ownership to millions of working Americans. 


Building new homes on vacant land or in place of blighted, rundown buildings adds value to our urban neighborhoods and brings attainable, safe housing to those who need it most. 

A rundown house was demolished in order for this brand new home to be built in Indianapolis.

Remodel Neighborhood.jpg

Micro development on a small parcel of land in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana.

micro development.jpg


Micro developments are smaller developments that utilize tracts of land that are seen as too small for large-scale developers. This revitalization of vacant land often provides multi-unit residential properties on a smaller scale.

Multi-Unit Residential

Invest Sequoia partners with established apartment operators to bring new developments throughout Central Indiana. 

Proposed multi-unit residential development in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Eastway Site Plan.jpg
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